20 April 1932 was born serviceman and the young poet Trifon Xhagjika

Immediately after the break with the Soviet Union in Tirana, took place the trial against a group of youths who were graduated in the Eastern Europe. Among them was even the young officer and poet Trifon Xhagjika, who was sentenced to death. He was born in Peshtan, Tepelena on April 20th, 1932, and finished his studies in Elbasan. After graduation he served in the units of the antiaircraft artillery. In correspondence, he attended the faculty of language and literature. At the age of 31, he was appointed editor of the military texts, in the Ministry Defense. In 1959, he published his first volume of poetry “Gjurma”. He never stopped writing even in cell, also during the judicial process. Many of his manuscripts have been lost or saved in the investigation files. Some others are collected in the volume “Atdheu është lakuriq” which was published in 1994.