20 March 1917, in Elbasan was born Rosa Buda, one of the first Albanian doctors

In an intellectual family in Elbasan, on March 20th, 1917, was born Roza Buda the first one Albanian doctor. She took the first lessons in homeland and then attended the Institute of Kyrias in Korça where among others she learned excellent the English and French languages. She followed the high studies in the Medical Faculty of Vienna University. After graduation, she practiced for 6 years her knowledge in the pediatric clinic in Vienna and in 1946 she returned in Homeland. In Tirana maternity hospital, she worked under the direction of the prominent gynecologist Jani Basho. Later, she served as pediatrician on the Polyclinic of the capital and at the same time she wrote scientific articles publishing in the press of the country but also outside. Roza Buda for many years directed with a high professionalism and humanism the Befotrofin of Tirana. There she ended her medical career and retired in 1973.