20 March 1880, was born in Vranisht of Vlora the patriot Sali Murati

In Vranisht of Vlora, on March 20th, 1880, was born the undefeated fighter Sali Murati, Hero of the Nation. Since in his youth, he was prosecuted and sentenced to death by the Ottoman invaders for his patriotic activity. His ceta did many military actions during 1908-1909, it supported the villagers fighting against the arbitrariness of the landowners. In November 1912, it opened the prison of Vlora and freed the sentenced compatriots. Ismail Qemali appointed its commander at the head of the first Albanian gendarmerie. Sali Murati, directed the çeta “Rreze” and in the war of Vlora and Kanina was wounded, he fought with the guns in the June Revolution on the side of the Democrats. He died in 1926. During the National Liberation War, the partisan çeta of Vranishti took his name, while the nation immortalized him on his songs.