20 May 1927 was born Prof. Ziver Neko in Hotova village

In the village Hotove of Permet, on May 20, 1927, was born Prof. Ziver Neko. Graduated as a geologist engineer at the Moscow Oil Institute in 1952. For six years he worked as a chief engineer at the Petroleum Production Company in Patos, two years lectured and directed the department and then the Faculty of Geology at the University of Tirana. In 1975, until he retired, in 1984, he worked at the Oil and Gas Institute in Fier. Even retired Prof. Nako, did not cease his activity, serving as a consultant at the Ministry of Energy. The university text, “Geology and oil, gas and bitumen resources,” maintains its authorship. Out of his penis, 33 reports and reports have emerged, 19 papers and papers, 11 scientific articles about oil, gas and bitumen in our country.