20 August 1906, was born one of the great personalities of our culture and diaspora, Doctor Stavro Skëndi

Professor, Doctor Stavro Skëndi, one of the great personalities of our culture and diaspora, was born in Korça on August 20, 1906. He was educated at the Kennedy couple’s school in Korca, at Robert College in Istanbul and specializes in the Institute of International Studies at Geneva. In 1931, he began to attend lectures on philosophy and history at the Sorbonne University in Paris. After such a scientific completion, he was appointed a teacher at the Vlora Trade School and then at the Korça National Lycée. For participation in anti-fascist activities, following the invasion of the country by Mussolini’s camels, he was imprisoned in Bari and was interned at the concentration camp on Ventolene Island. In September 1941, he returned to the Homeland and became one of the leaders of the Balli Kombëtar, in the district of Korça. In 1943, he taught at Robert College of Istanbul and in 1946, he immigrated to the United States, where he was elected President of the National Front for America. But in exile, alongside politics, attended postgraduate studies and earned the title “Doctor in Philosophy” at Columbia University, New York. In the years that followed, he gave lectures at the University of Toronto, Columbia University, has published several scientific books and many study articles in the US and other Western press.

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