20 August 1892, was born Sali Ceka, “Teacher of the Nation”



August 20, 1892. He was educated at Filat, which is his birthplace, in Ioannina and in France; he graduated from the two-year Institute. In 1913, he was among the first teachers of the Normal of Elbasan. Literary writings became a member of the Literary Commission of Durres. With the participation in the Lushnja Congress, he was also involved in the field of politics. He was an active member of the party “As e Pasha as e Beut”, founded in Elbasan in 1923. He started to write that in the gymnasium, his name appears on the pages of notebooks such as “Awakening of Albania”, ” Korça “,” Liria “,” Koha “, etc. In Janina’s Gymnasium, he founded the society “Literature”, “Tuscany”. SaIi Ceka, head of the “Pedagogical Magazine”, founded the newspaper “Ku vemi”. After the repression of the June Revolution, in January 1925, he was killed by Zog’s agents.


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