20 August 1463, a peace agreement was concluded between the Senate of Venice and George Castriot

On 20 August 1463, between the Senate of Venice and George Castriot, a peace agreement and mutual cooperation was concluded in the common fight against the Ottoman invaders. Under the agreement, Skanderbeg pledged to continue the war against the Ottoman Empire, while Venice, in response to Scanderbeg’s request for humanitarian aid, vowed to send 500 horsemen, 500 pedestrians, 2000 ducats and carry along the shores of Albania and Dalmatia, some Trireme and other ships. The Senate of Venice also vowed that for each negotiation and agreement that could be reached with the opponent, Skanderbeg would become aware and be a party. Of particular importance was the Senate’s promise that in the event of the defeat and occupation of Albania by the Turks, Venetian would expect the Albanian refugees, which was realized after the death of George Castriot.

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