2 Shtator 1909, u çel “Normalja” e Elbasanit; e para shkollë e mesme pedagogjike

Normalja e Elbasanit

The Elbasan nationwide congress was held in Ottoman occupation from 2 to 8 September 1909, and aimed at spreading national education and culture as a key base to ensure the future of free and independent Albania. 35 representatives of Albanian clubs and societies participated in this assembly, including patriots such as Simon Shuteriqi, Sevasti Qirjazi, Nikoll Kaçori, Thoma Papapano, Orhan Pojani, Grigor Cilka and others. The Elbasan Congress decided to set up the Normali of Elbasan, the first secondary pedagogical school, where teachers for Albanian schools would prepare. There was also the establishment in Korça of the central school “Përparimi”, which would take care of the maintenance and administration of the pedagogical school, the opening of other Albanian schools and the publication of texts and books in our language. The “Progress” Society, as well as all the patriotic clubs and societies, according to the decisions of the Congress, held an established activity and struggle, demanding from the authorities the opening of the Albanian schools and the introduction of the native language in all the existing schools, the expansion of the movement For the autonomy of Albania.

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