2 September 1892, was born Dom Lazer Shantoja, clergyman and writer

Dom Lazër Shantoja

The clergy and writer Dom Lazer Shantoja was born in Shkodra on 2 September 1892. The studies of theology started in Shkodra, and ended in Austria’s Insburg. Part of his life worked and preached in Switzerland. In the Homeland he returned in 1940. After the liberation he was arrested and sentenced to death. The literary legacy he left behind is characterized by a rare stylist. He has published many poems in the notebooks “Light of the Light”, “Leka”, and other bodies of the time. A bunch of popular anecdotes and proverbs has been published in 1919, in the volume titled “On the Night of Baskets”. He has “Vilhelm Teli” and “Hermani and Dorotea” of Shiler and “Faustin” of Goethe.

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