2 May, 1982, is commemorated Pjeter Gjoka, “Artist of the People”

The celebrated actor of the Albanian stage and screen, Pjeter Gjoka, “Artist of the People” is remembered for the first time in 1930. Afterwards, roles came in the sections “E mbesa e priftit”, “Shqiptari i qytetëruem”, “Kthimi i Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeut”, etc. In December 1944, he tried journalism in the newspaper “Koha e re”, directed by Kol Jakova, where he worked until 1946. In September of that year, with a boot of 27 major roles, he started work at the Army Theater. The successful interpretation of some roles led him to the stage of the National Theater. The first role was in the comedy of Molier, “Trtufi” but he became known for the viewers of the capital, with the section “Për ata që janë në det”. Then he was applauded in dozens of other primary roles of Albanian and foreign authors. On screen, for the first time, was presented with the film “Skenderbeu”, which deserved the award of the International Film Festival in Cannes in 1954. Pjetër Gjoka died on May 2nd, 1982.