February 19th, 1470 died the Ambassador of Skanderbeg, Pal Gazuli

The Albanians reminds today the lecturer and orator Pal Gazuli, one of the closest collaborators of Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg. He was born in 1405 in an Albanian feudal family. In 1442 was appointed rector of Ragusa’s schools, for two years. In 1452 starts the Gazul’s diplomatic career. Gjergj Kastrioti sent him ambassador in Ragusa and on behalf of his country, signed a series of agreements with aristocratic trade Republic. In 1462 urged to the Senate of the Republic Havar and Korcula islands, in case of any possible withdrawal of Albanian fighters. Pal Gazuli without losing connections with the Homeland, lived in Ragusa until he died on February 19th, 1470.