19 July 1900, was born in Shkoder At Ciprian Nika

In Shkodra, on 19 July 1900, was born At Ciprian Nika, an adult orphan, but with a natural wisdom, after completing the Franciscan College, attended high school studies in Innsbruck, Austria and Rome, where he ordained a priest. In the hometown, besides the religious ministry, it was taken with artistic and cultural activities. He was an instrumentalist, in the musical band of Franciscans and among the closest associates of Martin Gjoka. Along with Anton Harapin, Gjërgj Fishta and Donat Kurt, have collaborated with the well-known magazine “Hylli i Dritës”, where he has published many articles and studies. At Ciprian Nika, he held high positions in the ecclesiastical hierarchy and in the Franciscan Assembly of Shkodra. In 1946, he was arrested by the regime and was shot without trial.

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