19 August 1938, was inaugurated the Prosek-Shoshaj-Burrel road

On 19 August 1938, the Prosek-Shoshaj-Burrel road was inaugurated. Meanwhile, it worked for the construction of the Puka-Kukës road, which would connect Kosovo with Albania’s road network; Was the end of the Koplik-Bogë-Theth road, linking the Shala region to the rest of the country. In the northeast, it worked for the construction of the Burrel-Peshkopi road, Devoll, Butrinti road. Important works were carried out on other road lines in Përmet, Lushnjë, Berat, Tirana, Elbasan, Ballsh, Tepelena, etc. The works were financed by loans made by fascist Roma and it was not difficult to understand their strategic goal, which led to the invasion of the country after months of war.

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