18thth November 1985, today is commemorated Gaqo Avrazi, the first conductor of the Army Choir

Gaqo Avrazi

Today is commemorated the first conductor of the Army Choir, the distinguished composer Gaqo Avrazi. Since in his young adulthood, was involved in artistic and musical movements of Korca, where he was born in 1915. This defined the all of his life activity. In the antifascist war he was part of partisan fighting units taking care of the measures in mobilizing the masses in the liberation struggles. At the head ensemble and choir of the Army, Avrazi Gaqo gave assistance to the development and spread of Albanian music and song, preparing young talents as Mentor Jamal, Gaqo Chaco, John Athanas, Ibrahim Tukiçi and Nika Pavlina. The prominent artist was separated from the magical world of sounds on November 18th, 1985.

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