March 16th, 455 was killed by the enemies the last sucker of the Illyrian Flavius dynasty of Rome

On March 16th, 455, in Rome was murdered by his opponents Valentinian 111, the last sucker of the Illyrian dynasty Flavius that for many years ruled the Roman Empire. He put of the purple robe of the emperor in 425 at age 6. His regent was his mother until 437. Valentinian III came to power when the Roman Empire was being destroyed  and he had to make many wars in today’s English, Spanish and French territories to fight with the Vandals, Saxons, Ostrogoths, Allana, etc. aimed the lands and the riches of Empire. Valentinian III has become part of the history as leader who took care improving the administrative direction of the big empire, to strengthen the army and the defence of the country. He had good relations with the Pope of Rome and strengthened his position, knowing to the Holy Father the post of the judicial system head.