15 May 1921, was born Professor Doctor Myzafer Xhaxhiu in Gjirokastra

Professor Doctor Myzafer Xhaxhiu was born in Gjirokastra on May 15, 1921.
He conducted senior studies at the University of Belgrade and Moscow.
He is one of the first collaborators of Radio-Tirana’s microphone.
Together with the writer Sterio Spase, they have held the “Literary Hour”, one of the shows
Most heard. As a pegagog of higher education institutions, Myzafer Xhaxhiu,
Has prepared numerous generations of students, but has become famous especially in his writings.
His name, we come across the pages of worthy newspapers and first magazines and
After the war, as well as in those of our day; In the press of Kosovo, Macedonia,
But also of our diaspora. Myzafer Xhaxhiu is also known as a poet, translator and scholar,
He is the author of poetical discourse: “Lirika”, “Magnificat Raspodi”, “Verse for Love”, “Swan Song”, etc;
Of two collections of works by foreign authors: “Water of tears”
And “Antollogy with 100 Bulgarian poets”. Among the study monographs have emerged from
His pen will mention “Criticism of literary studies”, “Writers, literary works and phenomena”
“Sofokliu – the great tragedy of Greece”, etc.