15 May 1901, was born in an intellectual family patriotic, Petraq Pekmezi in the beautiful city of Ohrid

In the beautiful city of Ohrid on May 15, 1901, he was born into a family Patriotic intellectuals, Petraq Pekmezi. Elementary school graduated
Pogradec and in 1912, together with uncles, Dr. Gjergj Pekmezin, went to Vienna, where he continued his studies. He was among the first engineers
Hydroelectric technician of our country, graduated from the Technical High School Vienna. After graduation, he returned to Korca and set up the firm “Punctoria”
Pekmezi. “At the same time, he represented the Austrian firm” Farvenc “, which exported to our country, hydro-technical equipment. Died under circumstances
Unknown, in November 1944.