15 May 1890, was born patriot Peter Costa Boboshticë in Korca

In Boboshtica, Korça, on May 15, 1890, patriot Kosta Peter was born. School Primary school ended in the homeland. For economic reasons he emigrated to Romania where he headed studies. In 1910, he emigrated to the US and settled in Worcester, where he was  Erected a large colony of Albanian emigrants. In Worcester, three times Addressed the ecclesiastical society “Sleeping St. Mary”. He was among the initiators Of the rise of patriotic society, “Flourishing” and 4 years of chairman and chairman Hers. As a vortex business circus activist, he became the initiator for The creation of political society, “Albanian American Association”, which has Played an important role in the propagation of Albania and Albania Support for our national cause. The Albanian businessman was vice president
Of this society. Costa Peter, has played an important role, for The establishment and activity of the dramatic society “Dora D’Istria”. With the rise
Of the Federation “Vatra”, he was among its first members and as such, Developed a patriotic dense activity.