15 August 1912, Llesh Nik Daka, along with 300 villagers from Mat, set off to declare independence in Durres

Llesh Nik Daka, nicknamed “Matthias Leonidha”, together with 300 villagers from Mat Bregu, on August 15, 1912, traveled to Durres to raise the national flag and proclaim independence. The rebels had links to the Mirdita patriot, Dom Nicholas Kacorri and the Austrian consul in Shkodra, who considered that Durres liberated by the invaders was the most appropriate point for raising the flag and proclaiming independence. The rebels hoped to support Middle East, but to the Dalian Bridge, they met with the gang of Esat Pasha Toptani. Not to cause glory, the highlanders retreated, but were found encircled in the outskirts of Shijak, where a bloody clash took place. 23 Albanians killed one another, of whom 9 were insurgents. Llesh Nik Daka himself was seriously injured and died in late August.

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