15 August 1902, was born a Democratic, anti-fascist, Zylyftar Veleshnja warrior, in the village of Veleshnja of Skrapar

In the village of Veleshnja of Skrapar, in a poor family of patriotic traditions, on August 15, 1902, was born the Democratic, anti-Zionist and anti-fascist warrior, one of the first partisan commanders, Zylyftar Veleshnja, “People’s Hero.” Participant in The June Revolution in 1924, in the Fier insurgency in 1935 and after the fascist invasion of Albania, returned from the escape and led the partisan squadron of Skrapar and then the partisan battalion “Riza Cerova”. At the Permet Congress, he was elected a member of the National Liberation Anti-fascist Council. After the liberation, the wounded and the disabled, continued to provide his assistance and carry out important duties in the army, the power authorities and social organizations.

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