February 14th, 1916, was born the teacher and diplomat Theodhor Samsuri

In a middle-class family, in the city of Korca, on February 14th, 1916 was born Theodor Samsuri, teacher and prominent diplomat. After he finished successfully the National Lyceum of Korca, he followed his high studies at the University of Lyon in France. He was graduated for pedagogy and psychology. When he was a student he was activated in the anti-fascist demonstrations of the Albanian emigration until April 1939. In 1941, he returned in homeland and was appointed teacher in Korca, then director of the Gymnasium of Korca and Shkodra. After that he worked as an inspector of education and advisor of the vice Prime Minister in the Council of Ministers. In 1957 Dhori Samsuri became part of the diplomatic service. He represents Albania in many international congresses and conferences. In 1965, he was appointed at our Embassy in Budapest and again in the foreign department, and continued working until his retirement in 1976.