14 February 1910, held in Korça the rally of Alphabet

On February 14th, 1910, in Korca took place the “rally alphabet”. Over 12,000 patriots from the cities of Korca, Devoll and the villages and the around were gathered in the hills of “Liria”, to protect the Albanian letters. In that rally made speeches Ymer Zavalani, Sami Pojani, Grigor Çilika, Hafiz Ali Korça and Ismail Gostivishti. Parashqevi Qiriazi in her memoirs tells how she wrote the words and the music of the “Alphabet Song” that was performed for the first time in the rally and was spread in all the country. The alphabet rally in Korca was organized as a response of the demonstration that organized the Young Turks with a group of fanatics, on February 6th, 1910 against the alphabet approved by the Congress of the Monastery and the usage of Arabic alphabet in Albania. The reaction against this maneuver was too wide. Rallies as those in Korca were held in many cities in Albania.