14 April 1932, was born the actor and talented director Pirro Mani

The actor and talented director, Pirro Mani was born on April 14th, 1932. His fate was determined, when was granted the right to pursue the higher studies at the Institute of Cinematography in Moscow. There he was distinguished for his rare talent, especially in “Pamje nga ura” part. In 1961, he returned to Albania and was appointed director in the Theatre “AZ Cajupi” of Korca. After five years for his successful career, he was appointed director in the National Theatre of Tirana. The first work that he prepared for the public of capital was “Cuca e maleve” of Loni Pope, who also was showed on the stage of Opera and Ballet Theatre. Our art lovers, in the following years got the chance to attend many other parts staged by the director Pirro Mani and many other roles carved by the talented actor.