March 14th, 1914 was born in Tirana the sculptor Janaq Paço

The sculptor Janaq Paço was born in Tirana, on March 14th, 1914. He was graduated at the Institute of Fine Arts in Athens, where he worked for a decade. He returned home in 1942 and became a teacher in secondary school in Tirana. After the liberation Janaq Paco, developed an intense artistic and pedagogical activity. His sculptural works stand in Kruja (Skanderbeg Monument), Saranda (the bust of Hasan Tasini), Shijak, (the sculpture of Kajo Karafilit), Elbasan (the bust of Alexander Xhuvani). With his chisel “The sculptor of the People”, has immortalized such figures as Vangjush Mio, Fan Noli, Kostandin Kristoforidhi, Aleksandër Moisiu, etc. Carving some of the most prominent people of the country, the artist has immortalized his image and talent as a creator that has made something; something has left behind for this country, for his people.