13 April 1695, died the national poet of France, La Fontaine

On April 13th, 1695, died the national poet of France, La Fontaine. The Renaissance men and Albanian intellectuals, by evaluating his fables messages, have brought many of them in Albanian. The first was Naim Frasheri, who albanianized and adopted many creations of La Fountaine. While Çajupi, published in Egypt ” Përralla të zgjedhura të vjershëtorit të madh La Fonten “, which includes 110 albanianized or adapted fables. With the translation of La Fontaine fables are also involved some personalities of Albanian culture, among them Omer Nishani, Vedat Kokona, etc. Their albanianization are included in the book “La Fontaine Fabula”, published in 1989.