March 13th, 1930 was born the journalist Fuat Bozgo

One of veteran of Radio Tirana and Albanian Television Fuat Bozgo was born in Gjirokastra, on March 13th, 1930. He took his first lessons in homeland, and attended the high school in Tirana and Durres and was graduated in journalism at the University of Leningrad in the Soviet Union. After returning in homeland he directed for 15 years the editorial office of Culture in Radio Tirana with a great professionalism, adding the programs and bringing a new spirit into the institution’s programs. In 1969 he was appointed in leading positions in the first Albanian television, becoming one of the founders and leaders. In 1974, for political reasons he left the Albanian Radio-Television and went to Elbasan Metallurgical Combine, where he worked as a laborer. Then he was appointed to the Palace of Culture “Metallurgist” and in the editorial office of “Metallurgist” newspaper.