13 May 1890, was born in Përmet the engineer Remzi Baçe

Today is commemorated the engineer Remzi Bace. He was born in Përmet, in 1890. He finished the “Zosimea” gymnasium in Ioannina and graduated from the Technical University of Vienna. He was a member of the student society “Albania” and a collaborator of the newspaper “Djaleria” published by this society. After graduating, he worked as an engineer at the Ministry of World Affairs in Tirana. As an active member of “Bashkimi” of Avni Rustemi and participants in the June Revolution, after Legality’s triumph, immigrates to Turkey, where he worked as an engineer in the construction of the railways. In 1928, he returned home and worked as an engineer in the field of reclamation. In 1932, he was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment. During the National Liberation War, he became part of “Dajti” çeta. After the war, until retiring, in 1966, he gave his assistance in reclamation and in the Institute of Hydrometerology. He passed away on May 13th, 1967.