12 September 1882, was born the patriotic Qazim Kokoshi

Qazim Kokoshi

Qazim Kokoshi, patriot who was against Ahmet Zogu and anti- fascist was born in Vlora, on 12th September 1882. He studied in “Zosimea” high school in Janina. He was a member of patriotic club “Labëria”, and participated as a delegate of Vlora in the Assembly of Greça, and in the anti Ottoman revolt of Vlora. He was elected like a deputy in the Parliament of Albania in 1921. After the end of the Revolution of June, he immigrated to Italy and Austria.  In 1932, he became a member of the Secret Organization of Vlora, against the monarchy of AhmetZogu, who sentenced him  to death but in 1937, was free.  After the fascist occupation of the country he immigrated in Yugoslavia. He was arrested like anti- fascist and was jailed in Italy.  In 1945, was turned in Vlora and was sentence two years in prison, where he died in 1947.

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