12 March 1933 was born the painter Sali Shijaku

In a simple family in Tirana on March 12th, 1933 was born Sali Shijaku the painter who with his brush immortalized the heroism of our people for centuries. In 1952, he finished the Lyceum “Jordan Misja” with professors Abdurahman Buza and Nexhmendin Zajmi. Ten years later he defended the diploma at the Higher Institute of Arts with the picture “Heronjtë e Vigut”. By sticking to the theme of people’s struggle for freedom, he gives to the viewers the magnificent picture “Vojo Kushi mbi tankun fashist”, “Artileria e Skënderbeut”, “Malësori”, “Mic Sokoli”, etc. In his reach creativity we handle even lyricism “Portret vajze”, with national dress. From his paintbrush are created beautiful landscapes for the wonderful Albanian nature.