11 March 1963, was born Azem Hajdari the hero of democracy

In Tropoja, on March 11th, 1963, was born Azem Hajdari, leader of the student movement, one of the founders of the Democratic Party, a member of its leadership, the chairman of the Parliamentary Defence Committee. He was graduated in the University of Tirana for justice and philosophy; he did two postgraduate courses studies in the United States and courses for the defence policy  in Garmisch of the Federal Republic of Germany. In 1990, he led the anti-communist movement in December that led to the overthrow of the socialist system. The voters of Shkodra, Shijak, Bulqiza and Tropoja, have considered Azem Hajdari as their representative in four legislature of the Assembly of Albania. In Parliament he headed the Parliamentary Committee for Order , the Secret Service and the Defence Committee. In the social activities, Azem Hajdari has been President of Sport Club “Vllaznia” of Shkodra and President of the Albanian Federation of Martial Arts. He was murdered near the headquarters of the Democratic Party in September 1998. In the assassination also were wounded two of his bodyguards Besim Cerja and Zenel Neza, the first one died.