11 January 1953, premiere of the ballet “Esmeralda”; the foundation in Albanian Ballet

Vangjush Mio

On January 11th, 1953, in scene of the Philharmonic Theatre of Albania in Tirana, was performed the premiere of the ballet “Esmeralda” with music by Caesar Punjit, conductor Mustafa Krantja baletmaestër Georgi Perkun. The scenography was developed by Vangjush Mio and Stavri Rafael. In the main roles performed the first dancers: Nellania Terca, Panajot Kanaçi, Ëngjëll Tërshana, Ikbal Morina, Besa Gjata, Flora Kallajxhi, Skënder Batku etc. “Shatrivani i Bahçirsarajt” and “Esmeralda”, were the first two ballets that were prepared and played in the Albanian scene, two cornerstones of our ballet that today with the its talents, has passed the national borders.

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