10 February 1917, was born Musine Kokalari, the first female who founded political party in Albania

On February 10th, 1917 in Adana of Turkey was born Musine Kokalari, writer, researcher and political activist. In 1920 her family returned in homeland, where he took the first lessons in Gjirokastra and graduated at the University of Rome for Literature. He published the first writings in 1937 in the journal “Shtypi” under the pseudonym “Lady”. There were short stories with literary and journalistic style that criticized the deficiencies of the social life of that time. In 1943 she created the Social Democratic Party of Albania and published the newspaper “Zëri i rinisë”. After the Second World War and the establishment of the communist regime in Albania, she was arrested and sentenced to 20 years in prison. She was left free in 1964 and worked simple works in Rrëshen and Mirdita until her death in 1983. Musine Kokalari is an exemplar example of the persecution of the brightest female intellects during the communist dictatorship in Albania. After the democratic changes of the 90s she was declared ” torch of democracy and Albanianism” .