1 January 1702, was born Dom Gjon Nikoll Kazazi, the inventor of “Meshari”

Dom Gjon Nikoll Kazazi

On January 1st, 1702, was born Dom Gjon Nikoll Kazazi, doctor of theology and philosophy, inventor of “Meshari” of John Buzuku, the oldest document in Albanian language.After the graduationin Italy he did the work of Archbishop in Skopje. In 1740 Gjon Nikoll Kazazi, discovered in the Library of the College of Propaganda in Rome, the book of Gjon Buzuku “Meshari” and announced about the director of Palermo seminary and the Arbëresh priest Gjergj Guzeta. Three years later, working about the religion and the Albanian language published the work “Brief Summary of Christian Doctrine translated in Albanian language to be used and taught by the children of this nation”.

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