CEC: Elections jeopardize collapse, commissioners are hindered

The Central Election Commission has warned of collapse in the election process, as public administration leaders are not allowing commissioners to do their job.

At a press release, CEC spokeswoman Drilona Hoxhaj expressed her concern for commissioners working in a relationship.

She appealed to the heads of public administrations to allow commissioners in their work, as engagement in the CEAZ is not considered for electoral purposes.
CEC statement

The Central Election Commission raises concerns about the obstacles that are being created to the election commissioners who are in employment.

As in the Electoral Code, DCM no. 473 dated 01.06.2017, the engagement as CEAZ, VCC or BCC commissioners does not consider engagement for political or electoral purposes, but considers it only as an administrative engagement.

Near the CEC there have been concerns regarding the delays in issuing permits for elected officials as election commissioners, with the decision of the CEC, who have submitted requests to human resources of the institutions where they work and are not receiving answers.

Delay in these responses, not granting permits to exercise the function of the election commissioner is hindering the administration of the electoral process, as commissioners can not perform their duties charged by the Electoral Code.

Failure to comply with a legal deadline negatively affects the entire activity of the election administration in the function of organizing and administering the elections.

Without the commissioners there can be no choice, so the heads of state administration should be responsible and not become an obstacle.

If this problematic situation created only for the 720 CEAZ commissioners continues for about 37 thousand VCC and BCC commissioners, the electoral process risks collapsing.

The Central Election Commission calls on all public administration leaders to react immediately after this CEC appeal and not to create artificial obstacles that affect the electoral process.

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