Fragments form Tefta Tashko Koço life


                               I better die than give up!

                     Fragments form Tefta Tashko Koço  life

In between the pages of a foreign passport, carried by our singer while travelling abroad, was found a small dried leaf. Carefully Tefta has written in French only two words:I better die than give up”. This was the slogan of her life. On November 2nd 1910, Thanas Tashko was blessed with a daughter. Many friends came that night in his hotel. They wished her a long life, toasted for her health and discussed until late for a far-away motherland and its problems. The girl was named Tefta. That’s how our Tefta started her life in Fayum, Egypt

` Not only is she a good singer but also a good musician` – that’s how professor Gres, presented Tefta Tashko in the hall of conservative with the French composer Moris Laver: one of the most famous personality in the first half of XX century.

Having the main roles in two masterpieces, she shined in all her splendor. In “Madam Butterfly” of Puccini, she interpreted the butterfly role and the success she had in theatre was triumphal.

Being educated, with high patriotic feelings, she could not accept the glory from a foreign country separating her destiny from the one of her motherland. In 1935, in Albania was impossible taking for Opera Theater.  Professional schools for artistic education for the young generation did not exist. Artistic and cultural activity was vague. But, Tefta Tashko better died than give up!  On November 26th 1935, she held the first concert in her homeland, in Korça. The performance of Ms. Tashko on the stage with her attractive and stylish make up was welcomed with inexhaustible applauses. Her touched and emotional face was noticed in hall full with compatriots.

On October 13th and24th the hall of “Gloria” cinema in Tirana, was filled with spectators. Her beautiful voice filled the hearts of the people and made them forget for a moment the place they were living. Passing from a stage to another, in the main cities of Albania the artistic life was becoming more and more alive.

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