The exhibition “104-anniversary of the Independence”, 28-30 November 2016

QMKSH on 28 November, organized the exhibition “104th Anniversary of the Proclamation of Independence of Albania”. In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the National Museum during two days were exhibited rare flags, the pen with which was signed “The act of Proclamation of Independence”, old Albanian periodicals, the ethnology of flag, etj.   This was a voluntary initiative of the Albanian Nationwide Collectors Center, that became the most visited attraction in the capital during the November holidays. With a massive participation of over 1,500 visitors from all Albanian lands QMKSH during the work to promote the Albanian cultural heritage, reached to spread a very important message. We Albanians love the flag of our nation., was a surprising innovation for the  public and media. For the first time in Albania, was introduced the Virtual Museum, the Flag of the Albanian nation. An authoritative source for the spread of the knowledge on the national flag. With a bilingual content Albanian / English the Virtual Museum promotes the major symbol of a nation, the flag. By treating in an integral way this theme, the Virtual Museum, offers a variety of topics. Each of them reveals an important dimension of the connection between the Albanians with the double-headed eagle.

In the list of the various things to do in Tirana on 28-29 November, media listed this exhibition in the first place, as a destination not to be missed. And the impact was great. In the book of the visitors impressions we can read notes from the Albanians of Struga, Tetovo, Pristina, Vlora, Malësi e Madhe, impressions of Italian visitors, etc. From a variety of age groups, the most impressive were the young visitors who looked the old flags with curiosity. After this exhibition they got away with more knowledge about the flag, and more related with the history of their nation.

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