9 March 1907, in Shkodra was born the painter Zef Kolombi

The magical world of colors, today celebrates the birth anniversary of the painter and devoted teacher, Zef Kolombi. He was born in Sarajevo, in a poor family in Shkodra, on March 9th, 1907. He remained orphan and was grown up his grandmother in Shkodra. He emigrated for economic reasons in Yugoslavia and Italy. He was helped by his countrymen to follow the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. After graduation he returned home and taught at the Normal school of Elbasan. He returned in Shkodra after liberation, where he died in 1949. Zef Kolombi is distinguished as landscape painter. He has reflected the nature of Elbasan region. The most distinguished picture are “Rrugë në Elbasan”, “Të korrat”, some quite natures and portraits. In the portraits “Juliani”, “Gjovalini”, “Autoportret”, realized after liberation, the author proves his talent in reflecting of types, characters and inner world of his characters. The painter has left about 30 pictures with oil and many drawings, which are preserved in art galleries in Tirana, Shkodra and in some families.