9 July 1962, Theater of Estrada of Pogradec marks the beginning of artistic creativity

In the framework of professional development, in our country, July 9, 1962 marks the beginning of the artistic work of the Estrad Theater of Pogradec. That day, with the help of Pirro Man and Socrates Miho, the first one was given. In September of that same year, artistic troupe was introduced to the second film with Pirro Xexi’s director and screenwriter. The dramatic montage, “Albania, Pigs and Swords”, put Tomi Meto on stage. In its first steps, the Pogradec troupe helped well-known scene and screenplay artists, such as Sokrat Miho, Pirro Mani, Gjergj Vlashi, and others. A great contribution to her artistic work has also been given by the artist, Marjo Ashiku.

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