8 June 1927, the great composer Cesk Zadeja was born in Shkodra

Cesk Zadeja, one of the founders of Albanian classical music, was born in Shkodra on June 8, 1927. He graduated from the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia in Rome. In the years 1946-1947, he directed the music editing at Radio-Shkodra and then the conductor of the Army Assembly. Cesk Zadeja became known and took over the place of our music after the great end of the Conservatory Moscow “Cajkovski”. His first symphony brought the national prize. Subsequently, many other works followed, which are the foundational stones of our cultivated music. Zadeja has given his contribution as artistic leader of the Song and Dance Assam, as a lecturer at the Conservatory of Tirana, as artistic leader of the Tirana Opera and Ballet Theater. For his great and fruitful work, he has won the title “Artist of the People” and Professor; He has deserved many orders and awards, and today some national musical events bear his name.

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