8 June 1455, betrayal of Hamza Kastrioti helped Isa Bey Evrenoz to beat Skanderbeg in the battle of Berat

In 8 June 1455, the battle of the Albanian army led by Gjergj Kastrioti, against the Ottoman forces in Berat took place. Albanians surrounded the city and gave the occupiers 11 days to submit. At the head of a part of the army, Gjergj Kastrioti went south for the liberation of a smaller fort. Turkish commander Isa Bey Evrenozzi, benefiting from the lack of Skanderbeg, and Moisi Golem’s betrayal, with a fast march, came close to Berat and hit Albanian forces by surprise. The Albanian army suffered a very serious defeat. Only Skanderbeg’s ferocious attack allowed the army not to completely sink and pull out of heavy losses from the Berat suburbs. This was the only defeat of Skanderbeg during the 25-year era under his leadership.

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