8 August 1937, was born one of the oldest employees of Albanian Radio-Television Beqir Derhemi

Beqir Derhemi, one of the oldest employees of Albanian Radio-Television, was born on August 8, 1937. He grew up in an old Tirana family. He received his first lessons in Tirana, and attended the Faculty of Literature. Two years worked at the cinema “New Albania”. There he learned to use the camera, to run documentary and artistic films. After the feast of May 1, 1960, he started working on Radio Tirana. Exactly on the eve of the holiday, the first experimental television station in Albania provided the first broadcasts. Beqir Derhemi, was among his first employees. In the bungalow on Kont Urani Street, he served as the cameraman and first operator, then as operator and director. In 1974, after an overseas job travel, two years of production were sent. In 1976, he started working at the Higher Agricultural Institute (now Agricultural University of Tirana). He turned his old profession, which he wanted so much, but this time, he did the didactic science films, to help pedagogues and students. 35 years with cameras in his hand went through the whole country. There are hundreds of chronicles, reportage, sports matches, and theater and opera shows, artistic and scientific films that the celluloid artist has fixed on. Many of them are stored in the archive of the “New Albania” film studio, even more in the archive of the first Albanian Television, and at the Agricultural University, he has produced 140 science-didactics films. A whole treasure, a whole life fixed in celluloid.

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