February 7th 2006, died the colossus of the Albanian painting Ibrahim Kodra

On February 7th, 2006, in the hospital of Milan died the Albanian prominent painter Ibrahim Kodra. According to his last will he was buried in his hometown in Ishëm of Durres. The artist loved the human, the nature and Albania and these were reflected in his rich creativity. He presented with dignity the Albanian art in the world, competing successfully with the most famous paintbrushes of the time. Ibrahim Kodra created his image and style based on ancient and original Albanian folk tradition. Using the Albanian topic, the impressions that he had by visiting his birthplace, Kodra created the works where are combined the colors and modern character with the national character, but always remained faithful to the Cubism style chosen by him. The works of Ibrahim Kodra are presented in dozens individual and collective exhibitions in all the world and the most important cities of art.