6 November 1891, was born Tefik Mborja

Tefik Mborja

On November 6th, 1891 in the capital city of Korca, was born Tefik Mborja. He took the first lessons in the Turkish school of his birthplace, and the high school in Istanbul, where he was graduated in law. He defended the PhD at the Faculty of Law, in the University of Rome. In 1921, he was elected the deputy of Korca in Albanian Parliament. In that year, he was sent as a diplomatic representative of Albania in Rome, where he served until 1925. During 1925-1928, he lived as an immigrant in Italy. In 1928, he returned to Tirana and was appointed director at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and at the same time he was elected deputy in parliament. After the occupation of Albania by the Italian army, with the establishment of the Albanian fascist party, he was appointed as its secretary.

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