6 March 1922, was born Qemal Draçini, journalist and lecturer

On March 6th, 1922 in Shkodra, was born Qemal Draçini, well- known lecturer, journalist, and writer. He attended the studies for lawyer in Florence, Italy. After the liberation he taught the Albanian literature and language at “29 November” school. Then he was appointed to the Ministry of Education in Tirana, but soon he was arrested and died in prison in 1947. He began to write since at school desks ” Në cungim të flatrave të letërsisë shqipe” was his first writing that was published in 1938. Then it was followed by the literary-journalistic writings “Pendimi”, “Viktima”, “I ikuni”, “Imperus”, etc. Together with Myzafer Pipa, published the magazine “Shpirti”, where he published articles under the pseudonyms “Malseni” and “Alni “.