4 December 1912, The Assembly of Vlora approves the First Albanian government

The first Albanian Government

On December 4th, 1912 the National Assembly of Vlora, approved the composition of the first Albanian government where the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister was Ismail Qemali,  deputy prime minister Dom Nikoll  Kaçorri, Minister of Internal Affairs Mufit Libohova, Minister of Finances Abdi Toptani, Minister of War- Mehmet Dërhalla, Minister of Justice-Petro Poga, Minister for Education Luigj Gurakuqi, Minister of Public Works- Mithat Frashëri, Minister of Agriculture – Pandeli Cale and Minister of Post Lef Nosi. In the same day the Assembly of Vlora elected the elders or the Senate, an organ composed by 18 people, who will control the activities of the Government.

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