31 March 1435, the beginning of the artistic carrier of Andrea Aleksi

An ancient contract, dated on March 31st, 1435 marks the beginning of the artistic carrier of the architect, painter and sculptor Andrea Aleksi. In all the inscriptions of his works, he has showed the origin from Durrës, where he was born in 1425. Since he was a child, he emigrated with her father in the town of Split-Dalmatia. Andrea Aleksi became known as a sculptor and architect, at the age of 18. In 1452 he worked as an architect in Shebenik in 1454, made the statues of the merchant lodge in Ancona, Italy and the decoration with frescoes of the ancient church on the island Arbe of Dalmatia. In 1467, he finished the Baptistery of Trogir that is considered as his masterpiece. Andrea Alex and his creations remain part of our history, part of the treasure of arbërore art and culture.