31 July 1953, was born in Korca the journalist Agim Xhafka

The professor and journalist Agim Xhafka was born in Korça on July 31, 1953. He took his first lessons at homeland while he was studying at the University of Tirana and graduated from the Faculty of History and Philology for Albanian Language and Literature. In 1983, he was appointed to the newspaper “Bashkimi” in the editorial office of Education and Science. During seven years of work, in this important newspaper for the time, he mainly addressed the problems of education and health, but also political and social issues of the time. In 1992, Agim Xhafka as a freelance journalist started and continues co-operation with dailies, “Koha Jone”, “Gazeta shqiptare”, “Tema”, “Panorama” etc. with articles, comments, notes. Since 1983, the journalist Agim Xhafka has written a lot of journalistic articles, such as chronicle, correspondence, news, analysis, editorial, portraits, reportage, headline, banners. Today’s readers have followed in the newspaper “Intervista”, the paper of literary, publicity, humorous, satirical and sarcastic scripts with the nickname Kaso Kosa, which has often used Agim Xhafka. Some of these writings are summarized in the volume titled “Kaso Kosa”

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