31 August 1923, London Ambassadors’ Conference denounces Athens as arganizer of assassination of General Enriko Telin

The Ambassadorial Conference in London on August 31, 1923 denounced the government of Athens as the organizer of the murder of the chairman of the International Committee of the Boundaries of the Italian General, Enrico Telini, and charged Greece with moral and material responsibility. The August 27th assassination was carried out by Greek chauvinist politicians to show that Albanians are criminals and murderers and they do not deserve to have their own state. Greek gangs, along with General Telin, also killed his companion: major Korti attorney, lieutenant Banacini, Farnet driver and Albanian translator Thanas Gjeziri. Despite international crime denunciation, Greek governors aggravated Greek-Albanian relations. Athens withdrew its diplomatic representative from Tirana and deepened persecution against the Cham population, who lived in their own lands.

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