29 May 1917, the day commemorates the anniversary of the death of the patriot Nikol Dom Kacori

Today is commemorated the anniversary of the death of the patriot and prominent National Renaissance activist, clergyman Dom Nicholas Kaçor. He served 20 years in the Catholic parish of Durrës and joined early in the national movement. It was evident in the political and cultural field. During the years 1905-1907, he directed the Kurbin uprising in the district of Kruja. He was an active member of the Congress of Manastir and Elbasan who decided on the alphabet and the Albanian school. For his participation in the anti-Ottoman uprisings of 1910-1912, he was arrested and sentenced to prison by invading authorities. Dom Nicholas Kaçori, represented Durrës in the Vlora Assembly, which proclaimed Albania’s sovereignty. The Assembly elected the vice-president of the first national government, led by Ismail Qemali. Activism in political life was criticized by the ecclesiastical hierarchy and in 1914 he was forced to leave Vienna, where he was divorced from life on May 29, 1917.