29 August 1945, was proclaimed the new law on Agrarian Reform

Law no. 108 on Agrarian Reform was proclaimed on August 29, 1945. On its basis, it was expropriated and abandoned with compulsion and without reward, lands that were state property, the properties of religious and religious institutions, and all private land, which exceeded the size of 5 hectare. The vast majority of expropriated land was scattered free of charge to the landless peasants or those who had little land under the principle “Land belongs to the one who works”. The rest of the land was proclaimed state land and on its basis, state agricultural enterprises were set up. With the implementation of agrarian reform, 172659 hectares of land, 474227 olive trees and 5923 livestock were unleashed without reward. State property also became the forests, pastures, waters and underground assets.


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